Inspiring Indian Actress Kate Sharma reveals her secret of her journey to Bollywood

Every profession is difficult, being a filmstar is difficult too. Recently talking with Actress Kate Sharma, Prasun Kulshrestha of Antim vikalp, we interviewed Actress Kate Sharma to discuss her journey to Indian Film Industry.

Prasun Kulshrestha: When did you realise that you must go to the film industry?

Kate Sharma: It was not just one moment, it was inside me since childhood. gradually after my graduation, I had started realizing that I must do something in the film industry. After that, I decided that I must try to do Television first. It was mainly that working in serials & television is comparatively easier for Films. Also, working on TV shall give learning, experience & exposure for opportunities in Films.
I had started in the year 2016 & decided to hit myself to Mumbai city, city of dreams.
Prasun Kulshrestha: What were the initial challenges that you had faced in the industry?

Kate Sharma: Travelling in Mumbai during the struggling days was very difficult. Auditions happen most in one part of Mumbai & I was used to living in the opposite side of Mumbai knowing living standard & challenges those years. So effectively, 3-4 daily travel followed by waiting in long ques, then performing in audion. The struggle does not consider which weather or environment, the aim was to clear auditions. With each day of failure, keeping oneself positive for the day of success is very important.

Prasun Kulshrestha: Apart from acting, what are your other hidden talents that your followers are not aware?

Kate Sharma: Well, to me acting is everything. I feel even famous actors would relate to the fact that they could not express their work always. So I feel that it is acting that I always want to learn & express to show everyone my skills. I am completely focused on the talent of my performance.

Prasun kulshrestha: Where do you see yourself after 10 years?

Kate Sharma: Down the line after 10 years, I see myself as a happy soul. I am someone very happy and always smiling. I should be happy and content after 10 years.

Prasun kulshrestha: What keeps you so motivated?

Kate Sharma: Positivity & motivation comes with your growth. When we work, we grow, that eventually brings positivity & motivation in life.

– By Prasun Kulshrestha

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