Actor Mohak Meet Turned Pennywise For IT

Actor Mohak Meet who is know for portraying versatile roles on screen as well as on YouTube is all set to scare his viewers with a new short film IT as Pennywise, Film is made on a sensitive issue of bullying! how bullying can harm life of a person is shown in the film , When asked Mohak About this project he said ,’I’m super excited to play Pennywise on screen I was confused whether I should play Pennywise or someone else should! But the character Pennywise is so scary at the same time he’s ao complexed i could not let anyone else to play it but me (he laughed) I’m super excited for our film , it was a bit difficult to play Pennywise as well as Akash , switching the looks makeup wise was difficult but I quite enjoyed it,’ Film IT is releasing on 31st August on Mohak Meet’s Youtube Channel.

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